Theresa French headshotTheresa French is an award-winning sales expert and founder of SellMark360  a business development firm that focuses on emerging franchise brands and mid-sized owner-operated enterprises. 

Theresa is also a renowned results-driven consultant and sales coach, sales trainer, sales process improvement specialist and speaker and will soon be releasing her first book,  The Cat’s Just Fine:  Cultivating and Capitalizing on Our Innate Sense of Curiosity to Drive Business Results and Growth.

A leading authority in the key areas of customer acquisition and business development, Theresa is dedicated to helping her clients create manageable, repeatable sales and marketing systems that drive significant consistent revenue (without the confusion and reluctance typically felt by most entrepreneurs) and has helped create impressive revenue growth and improved sales performance within a range of challenging industries, such as: 

·         QSR Food Service                             • Medical

·         Home Improvement                        • Personal Care Services

·         Hospitality                                         • Automotive

Theresa has successfully leveraged her 25+ years of inside and outside corporate sales experience, sales management and team building, marketing agency ownership and coaching into one proprietary 360° sales and marketing system designed to accelerate business growth. 

Having owned not one but two full-service digital marketing agencies, along with her sales implementation expertise, she has helped her clients produce over $53.7 million dollars in new revenue in the last 5 years.  

Her actionable and highly-adaptive sales methodologies are designed to elevate her clients in their revenue generation efforts in an increasingly competitive and buyer-informed marketplace.