Ted GerberAs a organizational development consultant, executive coach, trainer and team facilitator since 1989, Ted Gerber has worked with organizations in the United States, Europe, Africa, Canada and Latin America.

Ted’s experience includes assisting executives in addressing and resolving issues in business strategy, conflict management/negotiations, organizational and leadership development, influencing skills and team alignment. His background further includes experience in facilitating strategic planning and alignment sessions with senior management teams.

Ted’s unique skills are based on over twenty-five years of experience as a mediator, executive, consultant, trainer and coach. This has enabled him to assist executives to be more effective leaders by increasing their ability to negotiate, manage conflict and influence others more effectively. He helps individuals and teams strategically and tactically to operate with a win/win mind set to effectively influence others especially in today’s matrix organizations. This increases their influence and impact with peers, senior executives, stakeholders and direct reports, which are essential in building long term relationships to meet business results.   It enables them to manage conflict and tensions as divergent points of view try to address business issues. He is able to do this by applying his negotiations, conflict resolution and business strategy experience.

Ted has:

  • Coached both line and staff executives to achieve personal and business goals with measurable results.
  • Facilitated team alignment sessions to help organizations increase their levels of accountability.
  • Facilitated strategic planning sessions and off site retreats/meetings.
  • Delivered training programs in such areas as leadership, conflict management, negotiations, team alignment, influencing others and effective coaching skills.

Ted has a Master’s Degree in Industrial Relations from the University of Illinois and has worked with companies in a broad range of industries, including financial services, consumer products, food, pharmaceuticals, technology, utilities, consumer health care, hospitality, government, fragrance and manufacturing etc. These companies have included Fortune 500 as well as small to medium sized organizations.

Ted has coached at many levels within organizations including:

President, Business Unit Leaders, CFO, General Counsel, Senior Vice Presidents of Sales, Marketing, Operations, R&D, Finance, IT, etc.


SRVP General Counsel, Medical Products Company: Client was a large medical products company who’s General Counsel needed to increase his influencing skills with the CEO and the Board of Directors. He was widely respected for his legal acumen but lacked the ability to influence the CEO and Board regarding business issues. Ted, utilizing 360-degree structured interviews, provided the data to help him increase his ability to connect with the Board and the CEO. By using concrete tools, Ted was able to help him become succinct in his communication style and more dynamic in his interactions with the Board, thereby improving his ability to influence business decisions within the company.

SRVP Sales, Cosmetics Company: Client was a division of a global cosmetics company. The SRVP of Sales had difficulty controlling his emotions, thereby inhibiting his staff from being open and sharing critical information, for fear that he would lose control if the news were seen as negative. He also needed to improve his ability to effectively present to senior management and his own sales organization, especially during meetings and trade shows. The 360-degree structured interviews resulted in the development of an action plan that enabled him to identify specific situations where he needed to demonstrate improvement in these areas. Within a short period of time, based on Ted’s coaching, he was able to raise his level of emotional control and develop more effective presentations during national sales meetings.

R&D Leader, Pharmaceutical Company: Client was a worldwide pharmaceutical organization, whose head of the research and development function needed to effectively drive the product development process, enabling the product to quickly reach the marketplace. A tailored, structured 360-degree interview process identified the need for the leader to build a strong team to make this happen. Feedback indicated that she was having difficulty getting the buy-in from her team. Significant conflict within the team was creating roadblocks, preventing the product development process from moving forward. As a result, Ted, working with the leader and her team, created alignment around the goals, behaviors and ways of working together that insured delivery of the product to market in a timely manner.

Business Unit Head, Major Financial Services Firm: Client was a major financial services firm, whose Senior Vice President had difficulty in her interactions with the CEO of the organization. A clash of styles resulted in significant tension and conflict between the two, which also impacted relationships within the senior management team. The 360-degree feedback indicated that she needed to raise her level of listening, influencing and conflict management skills, to become more effective not only with the CEO but also with other members of the senior team and her staff. Ted’s coaching helped her to significantly improve her relationship with the CEO and senior team, resulting in her promotion to President of a $600 million business unit within the organization.

CFO, Pharmaceutical Company: Client was an international pharmaceutical company. The CFO was seen as very effective but needing to provide added value to the CEO and the organization by increasing his strategic thinking capability. Utilization of the 360-degree interviews uncovered an additional need for the CFO to build a stronger team, increasing the bench strength in the finance area, in order to enable him to focus more time on strategic initiatives. The coaching resulted in the CFO significantly raising the skill level of his team, thereby enabling him to take on additional strategic responsibilities within the organization.

Director of Operations, Public Utility: The Director had substantial difficulty interacting with his direct reports. This was a unionized environment with significant tension and conflict. The data from the 360-degree feedback indicated the need for the Director to improve his negotiations, conflict management and listening skills, to better interact with this managers and the union leadership. The coaching resulted in a reduction in the number of contentious issues between the union and management within the organization and significant improvement in the relations with the Director’s staff.

Senior Physician and Nurse Director at a Major Healthcare Center: Assisted a senior physician and a Nurse Director in the resolution of their conflict, which had prevented them from working effectively to meet organizational goals. This involved using mediation skills to help them change their behaviors to better find mutual gain outcomes. After this intervention both executives were able to put aside their differences and find ways to develop a stronger working relationship resulting in better business results.


Senior Executive Team of a Global Distribution Company: The senior executive team of a large global distribution company was not functioning effectively. There were many conflicts between team members and they were not aligned around the key objectives for the organization. Ted was engaged to work the team through a series of facilitated sessions to raise the level of candor between team members and help them establish better ways of working, especially around conflict management, decision-making.   Breaking down silos between members was also a stated goal of the CEO as part of the process. Interviews were conducted with each member of the team prior to the first off-site session. A customized agenda was developed based on that data and shared with the CEO prior to the session. The initial session was held over two days and provided the opportunity for members to candidly address issues that were preventing them from operating as a high performing team. Ways of working were agreed upon and members made commitments to each other on behaviors to better address contentious issues and improve the decision-making process.   Follow up sessions were held over a 6-9 month period, which increased the level of peer to peer accountability and insured team members lived up to their commitments from the initial session.

Senior Executive and his Functional Leadership Team of a Major Food Company: The senior executive wanted to better align with his team around his expectations as well as that of each other. Prior to the off-site session each team member was interviewed to gain their perspective on how the team was interacting with the leader and whether expectations were clear with the leader as well as between team members. An off-site meeting was held where the leader shared his 360 feedback, development plan and hot buttons with the team members. Using facilitated process based on that data specific expectations were established with the leader and each individual team member. Members agreed they would hold each other accountable for these commitments. Ways of working on meetings, resolving conflicts and clear decision-making protocols were also agree upon during the session. This resulted in a more aligned team with higher levels of candor and improved ways of working, which helped them to better meet their defined objectives.

Professional Affiliations

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