Svetlana DimovskiSvetlana Dimovski, Ph.D.
Founder and CEO, Dharma Growth LLC

Svetlana Dimovski, Ph.D. is a strategy consultant, executive coach, Kellogg Executive Scholar in Leadership, and a co-founder of Dharma Growth LLC from Arlington, VA. As an integral transformational coach, she is passionate about facilitating deep insights and actions that promote a restored sense of wholeness and personal agency for clients seeking to elevate their impact and navigate high-stake complex situations where conventional coaching is not enough to create the desired shift.

Svetlana brings two decades of professional experience in innovation leadership, business development, strategy and change management in Fortune 500, academia, startups, and non-profit. Her work on creating space for innovation and growth was recognized with the best open innovation program award at the Chief Strategy & Innovation Officers Summit in 2016. She also appeared in a documentary movie “Experiment 150” in 2016.

Svetlana’s interests include artificial intelligence, learning, art, and meditation. She is a Chopra Center Certified Instructor in Primordial Sound Meditation and a creative director of Focus on Nurture conscious leadership online magazine.


  • Leadership development and transformational coaching (including mindfulness)
  • Digital business transformation coaching and consulting
  • Growth and innovation strategy consulting
  • Platform business models consulting
  • Can mobilize additional coaching partners when needed for large projects and bids.

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Arlington VA