Sherry BenjaminsImagine working with someone who comes from a blend of experiences in business, consulting and HR within corporate environments, a global career firm and entrepreneurial start-ups in the services arena. Throughout my professional life, I’ve not only been fortunate to navigate across incredible company cultures but also to build my own culture with a successful team of forward looking women. When I launched my company 22 years ago, personal values served as our guide in offering talent strategy and search services to a diverse range of clients.

Relationships were at our core then, and this integral focus continues with my work today. It’s also how I am known in the community. I am fascinated with how we adapt, learn and act in today and tomorrow’s world of work. There has never been a more pressing moment where this current climate is challenging every notion in what we are meant to do and how we are to succeed.

My clients often say that I look ahead to what’s next and encourage one to be bold and tell their story honestly.

Projects have includes the following focus areas;

  • Facilitating peer learning groups and work teams in executing new ways to look at the intersection of business and people.
  • Talent Acquisition Assessments and the building of strategic roadmaps.
  • Guest advisor/speaker at all hands manager meetings to discuss the changing talent markets and introduction of tools for the 21st century leader.
  • Work with individuals to create personal branding statements and put action into personal career aspirations.

Today, you can find me in conversation with leaders or early career professionals just starting out in the work world to look more deeply at who they are and what they aim to achieve in new, unchartered ways.

At our two HRoundtable leadership learning forums we share experiences to raise the focus on the people side of business. Prior to my own firm, I held key Human Resource leadership positions and led sales and operations for the Western Region of an international career consulting firm.

Experience Profile:

  • Owner of Consulting Firm – 22 years
  • SVP Western Region – International Consulting firm – 8 years
  • Senior executive HR for International Medical Device Firm – 10 years

I have a Master’s of Business Administration from Pepperdine University and a BA from California State University Northridge. I am actively involved as a Board member of Families Forward, an organization dedicated to helping homeless families find housing and social services.

You can also find me ballroom dancing with my husband of 38 years and stretching by brain to play and sign in ukulele class. And you will always find me with Nona, my labradoodle pal and officemate. Finally as a proud mom, I love cheering on our son, a LA-based creative writer, artist and amazing human being.