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Articles and Chapters

  • Lacey, Albert A. Vicere, and Ian co-authored, “Chapter 11: Leadership Development: The shift from ‘ready now’ to ‘ready able'” in The SAGE Handbook of Human Resource Management (June 2019). »Get the full publication
  • Ian and Lacey co-authored the article, “A Cross-Functional, Cross-Organizational Model for Leadership Development” in the Employment Relations Today journal (Winter 2016). »Read the Full Article
  • Ian has authored the chapter “The Ten Inflection Points of Coaching: Navigating the Successful Leadership Coaching Journey” in the forthcoming book, HR Directions (2015, from HR C-Suite), which focuses on what HR professionals should know right now about leadership, engagement, technology, and growing their own world-class HR careers. »Read the Excerpt
  • In his article “Get On Board” from People + Strategy Journal (Spring 2015), Ian explores the evolving role of HR leaders in the boardroom. »Read Get On Board
  • Ian’s article “HR as Orchestra Conductor” is among contributions from 73 leading HR practitioners collected in a new book, The Rise of HR – Wisdom from 73 Thought Leaders, edited by Dave Ulrich, William Schiemann, Libby Sartain, and underwritten by HR Certification Institute. (2015). »Learn More
  • Lacey co-authored the working paper “Making the Business Case for Employee Resource Groups” with Theresa M. Welbourne (2013). »Download the paper
  • Ian co-authored the chapter “Workforce Planning Across the Great Divide” with John Boudreau for the book Positioned: Strategic Workforce Planning that Gets the Right Person in the Right Job by Dan Ward and Rob Tripp (AMACOM, 2013). Learn more about it at »Amazon
  • Ian co-authored the column “Help HR’s Grasp Equal Its Reach” with John Boudreau of USC, published July 31, 2013 . . . »Read
  • Ian co-authored the column “Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way” with John Boudreau of USC, published December 6, 2013 at Talent Management magazine . . . »Read
  • Ian is a contributing author to The Chief HR Officer: Defining the New Role of Human Resource Leaders, edited by Pat Wright, (2011), from »Wiley Publishing
  • Ian co-authored the article “The Future of HR and Effective Organizations” with John Boudreau of USC. It appears in the November 2011 issue of Organizational Dynamics Journal . . . »Read


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