Marisa HarrisMarisa Harris’ life work is to empower individuals, teams and organizations to apply the principles and strategies of success to their most important professional and personal challenges and goals.

For 20 years, she led cutting edge business breakthroughs at Celanese Corporation, Citicorp and CIT. Marisa, as VP of Human Resources, was part of an executive team at CIT (in partnership with Metrus Group) that pioneered the Balance Scorecard, which resulted in a mediocre stagnant company of CIT becoming #1 in its industry. She decided to apply the same business success principles to her own diagnosis of stage 4 pancreatic cancer, leading to her cure. She has since helped hundreds of cancer patients and their families to become more resilient, manage stress better, and find greater fulfillment in life. Her research-driven program focuses on empowering cancer patients who are initially in fear and despair to discover and use their most powerful resources—their own strengths and capabilities.

Marisa’s work has also resulted in numerous TV appearances and media reports. She is the inspiration for Metrus Group’s CEO, William A. Schiemann’s book, FULFILLED: Critical Choices: Work, Home, Life. Marisa and Metrus have now teamed up to provide a training program on Fulfillment that contributes to the success and well-being of the organization and its people.

Her deepest commitment is to help individuals and communities be of service to themselves and others in times of unprecedented change and turmoil by allowing the painful and challenging experience to transform and guide us to greater wisdom, healing and action.