Transformania™ – Reimagining HR Leadership

Transformania™ builds on Ian Ziskin’s series of well-regarded HR leadership development programs that he has led over the past few yearsIt is a highly interactive HR leadership development program with some light pre-work, peer coaching, team assignments, a mini-case, storytelling, etc. We utilize a series of simple tools, incorporate content from Ian’s book, THREE: The Human Resources Emerging Executive (all participants will receive a copy of the book), and also draw content from the CHREATE project on the future of work and HR.

This is a “PowerPoint Free Zone,” meaning will we not be staring at a presentation screen for two days straight.

We recently conducted a very well-received pilot of this regional concept in March 2017, when we partnered with our host company, The Heritage Group, to run this program for 21 HR leaders from 7 different companies. We are continuing our commitment to deliver Transformania™’s highly acclaimed content, tools, and relationship-building opportunities to an expanding network of HR leaders, and are now looking to partner with you in bringing Transformania™ closer to home for you and your organization. 

Please note that we also offer an internal company-specific version of Transformania™ for organizations that prefer to send larger groups of HR leaders through the program. For example, Ian is conducting three such programs for Macy’s this year.

Now, we are pleased to offer Transformania™ in a virtual version – for half the cost of the in-person version, and without all the time away from the office and home. Learn more about Transformania™ (Virtual) here.

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Lacey and Ian have extensive experience customizing solutions to specific client needs. We would love to discuss your business, coaching, leadership development, and HR transformation challenges with you!

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