MILEstone™ – Millennial Integrated Leadership Experience

Millennials as Key Individual Contributors and Leaders of Organizational Success

What is MILEstone™?

MILEstone™ is the Millennial Integrated Leadership Experience, and is designed to address key development needs of Millennials at a critical inflection point in their careers. MILEstone™ is crucial to developing Millennial leaders’ understanding and mastery of what it takes to become key individual contributors and leaders of organizational success.

The program was created to develop Millennials in four integrated areas of leadership focus:

  • External Business Environment
  • Organizational Purpose and Capability
  • Team Dynamics
  • Personal Leadership Effectiveness

Who should participate in MILEstone™?

Individual contributors and leaders who are in the first 5-10 years of their careers are the ideal audience for MILEstone™. This program is primarily designed for peer Millennials from the same company, to enable them to benefit from discussions about shared common business and cultural challenges and opportunities. A cross-company version of MILEstone™ is also available for organizations that wish to expose their Millennial participants to cross-company and cross-industry issues. The program design accommodates a cohort group of 40-50 participants per program.

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