Leader as Coach™

Leader as Coach™ empowers your leaders to do more than just manage their teams – the focus is taking leaders beyond people managers to coach. Like in a sports team, a coach does much more than periodically provide feedback. For peak performance, coaches know and tap into individuals’:

  • strengths
  • developmental areas
  • motivations
  • aspirations
  • opportunities to practice new and challenging skills
  • belief in themselves

In Leader as Coach™, we teach leaders how to tap into each of these aspects of great coaching to get the most of each person they manage and, in turn, create an organization of high performing individuals.

What Does Leader as Coach™ Look Like?

This is an interactive offering including role playing, real-world/work challenges, problem solving and thinking outside the box about engaging with your team. Participants leave this program with a keen understanding of how to truly develop their teams, deeply listen, use questions to move to action, and properly challenge their employees to grow exponentially.

To learn more or for any questions, contact Lacey Leone McLaughlin ((310) 849-7163).