Karen Trader-LeighDr. Karyn Trader-Leigh


People & Culture Consultant, Coach, Equity Strategist, Researcher, Business Partner

Expertise supporting organizations in building high performance, learning oriented, adaptive cultures. Recognize the need to grow agile leaders who understand the level of complexity, interdependence, and need for higher order thinking skills. Background Managing Change, Learning and Development, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Talent Management, Strategic Planning. Consulting in Federal agencies, e.g. Nasa, State Dept., HHS, DHS, NSA, GSA, SBA,GAO Army Research Lab. International capacity building, experience in post conflict environments. Instructor Graduate School USA.

Global and local perspective taking, analyze, diagnose and contextualize problems. Seek transformative outcomes for greatest good and impact. Collaborative relationship and engagement skills. Doctorate in Organization Change, Pepperdine| MA International Transactions, George Mason University.

Leadership, Management & Organization Development: Leverage Generative and Integral models of leadership development focused across the spectrum of development capacities.
Experience facilitating learning with leaders at all levels. Designed and managed leadership institutes, intensive workshops, experiential learning and online webinars. Develop talent management policy and strategy.  Support institutional processes, leaders and teams on organization stewardship, advancing teamwork, Action Learning, intentionally developmental cultures. Survey research.

Talent Management | Employee Relations & Performance Management:
Taught employee relations, performance management at Foreign Service Institute; Facilitated performance management task force for HHS National CSBG (Block Grants) programs, designed to embed performance management standards from Federal level to local level. Managed employee relations  in aerospace and defense environment. Former HR Director Tech. company.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion: Strategist on Equity and Inclusion.
Support Implementation of Institutional diversity initiatives, Extensive trainer-the-trainer facilitation, curriculum design, training in implicit/ unconscious bias, diversity awareness training, sexual harassment. Researcher with Public Policy Think Tank, the Joint Center for Political & Economic Studies, on public policy issues impacting Communities of Color. Work with Boards, institutions, political organizations, non-profits, ethnic and indigenous communities on inclusion, racial and income equity.

Coaching & Mentoring:
Train and certify coaches for International coaching community. Integral coaching approaches. Executive coaching, Team coaching and developing coaching skills for leaders.
International: Capacity building experience in post conflict environments, Africa; gender equity, capacity building food. Ethnic and Conflict Management Training.  Board of Directors, Child Steps-Liberia, Global Camps Africa-South Africa.