Jason GoreJason Gore is a managing partner at Neuberg, Gore & Associates where he coaches CEOs and leaders of fast-growth startups. He focuses on helping leaders improve their leadership capabilities, build their teams, and create effective company cultures. Jason has been focused on leadership and business communication for over 20 years and has led leadership programs in 80 cities across 15 countries for the Fortune 500, the Military, NASA, Burning Man, and many startups. Startup clients include Spredfast (SaaS), Sonder (hospitality), Casper (consumer), Harry’s (CPG), Apteligent (mobile tools), Orbital Insight (satellite data), VSCO (photography), Kickstarter, Apollo, DarwinAI, and many others.

He has previously worked with leaders at Disney, Starbuck’s, Honda, the GAP, Target, Genentech, REI, MasterCard, Bombardier Aerospace, and many others. Jason brings a unique combination of backgrounds in business, leadership, and psychology. He earned a BA in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from the Haas School of Business at Berkeley. He also taught Organizational Psychology at Sofia University (ITP) and Negotiations at Harvard Law School.