WiLL™ – Women’s inSITE Leadership Lab

WiLL™ is a coaching and development experience designed specifically for a select group of senior women leaders who meet one of the following criteria:

  • “New Senior Leaders” who have approximately five or fewer years in their roles as Vice Presidents, Managing Directors, and above
  • “Next Senior Leaders” who are potential successors to senior leadership roles and are two or fewer years away from moving into Vice President, Managing Director, and above roles

WiLL™ is designed to provide new and next senior women leaders with the capabilities, content, and confidence required to ensure business impact and personal success in increasingly challenging and complex leadership roles. It is intentionally structured to promote collaboration and shared learning among women leaders who have diverse perspectives and bases of experience. WiLL™ is the multiplier effect that enables already-successful women leaders to achieve and sustain leadership readiness and ongoing relevance.

You may have been a participant in one or more conferences and programs designed for newly appointed or soon to be promoted women leaders. They are all terrific and extremely beneficial in their own way. However, they are by definition and necessity also limited in their reach because they are designed with a very specific purpose in mind – to provide aspiring or new senior women leaders with a “bootcamp” on what leadership is all about. They are content and storytelling driven and are relevant to the specific moment in time in which senior women leaders find themselves, when they participate in the program.

These one or several day programs, while excellent, are not long-term focused nor do they evolve with women leaders as they transition through the inevitable phases all senior leaders go through as they mature in their roles. Likewise, they do not provide an ongoing safe zone for peer learning and exchange of ideas, advice, and coaching.

WiLL™ picks up where these other outstanding development programs leave off and builds on the longer-term interests and needs of highly successful and aspiring women leaders who believe they can continue to benefit from additional personal development. It is a supplement to, not a substitute for, other senior development programs – and is a highly personal way to ensure readiness as a new or soon-to-be senior woman leader.

Join WiLL™ and participate in the following integrated elements that contribute to your development:

  • A 3 month 1on1 coaching engagement with Lacey Leone McLaughlin or Ian Ziskin (may be extended at additional cost)

  • 1.5 hour group teleconference calls 3 times per year to exchange ideas and solve common challenges with WiLL™ founders and your peers

  • 1 dinner and a day in-person meeting per year to build deeper peer coaching relationships and address shared issues through a co-created agenda with WiLL™ founders and your peers

  • Periodic interaction with guest executives as well as academic thought leaders via virtual or in-person sessions, as appropriate

  • A full complement of content, discussion, and tools to reimagine the future of work and leadership

  • Unlimited email access for advice, input, and answers to questions on real-time issues in real-time from WiLL™ founders and your peers

Email Lacey for Additional information or to become a WiLL™ member

Lacey and Ian have extensive experience customizing solutions to specific client needs. We would love to discuss your business, coaching, leadership development, and HR transformation challenges with you!

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