New Leader & Team Assimilation

Research has repeatedly found that approximately 50% of leaders who transition into new roles fail within the first 12-18 months. This phenomenon is increasingly true, whether the leader is promoted from within or hired from the outside. What a waste of time, money, and leadership talent!

In addition to individual and cohort leadership coaching, we offer a time-tested service designed to accelerate and risk-proof new leader effectiveness and success, the New Leader & Team Assimilation (NL&TA) process. The NL&TA gets important questions in the table early in the new leader’s tenure with his or her team, and creates a safe forum for getting those questions addressed. The result is more clarity, alignment, and execution – for the leader and for the team.

Approx. 50% of leaders who transition into new roles fail within the first 12-18 months!

This facilitated process typically takes 4-4.5 hours, and surfaces and addresses questions such as…

  • What do we already know about (this leader)?

  • What don’t we know about (this leader), but would like to know?

  • What does (this leader) need to start/keep/stop doing?

  • What do we as a team need to start/keep/stop doing?

  • What 3-5 specific behaviors and/or actions does our team need to consistently role model for the rest of the organization?

The NL&TA questions and process can be modified as needed to accommodate unique organizational issues and priorities. What is most important is protecting the investment you have made in promoting or hiring a new leader – by ensuring typical but addressable barriers and obstacles are resolved early.

Lacey and Ian have extensive experience customizing solutions to specific client needs. We would love to discuss your business, coaching, leadership development, and HR transformation challenges with you!

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