Leader Coaching

We coach CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CTOs, CHROs, and other C-level executives including business unit Presidents and General Managers, Creative Leads, Leaders in transition, as well as high potential leaders being prepared for these senior level roles. We also coach cohort leadership teams to help them build and improve their effectiveness.

“I feel so privileged that my company has made this investment in me. I desire to return the investment with even greater performance outcomes.”

“Lacey found creative ways to guide me through a demanding leadership transition; her approach was impactful, creative, and adaptive…”

“Ian had an immediate and positive impact on my outlook and approach to broader executive and global issues. He has been a constant source of guidance in assisting me to reach pragmatic solutions.”

“…The work I did with Lacey directly impacted the way I managed my team, leading to a smooth transition that focussed on execution and collaboration.”

“I gained more insight about myself and what it takes to be an effective leader through this coaching relationship than any other experience in my career.”

Lacey and Ian have extensive experience customizing solutions to specific client needs. We would love to discuss your business, coaching, leadership development, and HR transformation challenges with you!

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