CHROME™ – The Chief HR Officer Multiplier Effect

CHROME™ (The Chief Human Resources Officer Multiplier Effect) is a coaching and development experience designed specifically for a select group of participants:

  • “New CHROs” who have approximately three or fewer years in their roles
  • “Next CHROs” who are potential successors to the CHRO role and are three or fewer years away from moving into the job

Why CHROME™ is Unique

CHROME™ provides new CHROs and next CHROs with the capabilities, content, and confidence required to ensure business impact and personal success in the increasingly challenging and complex CHRO role. It is intentionally structured to promote collaboration and shared learning among HR leaders who have diverse perspectives and bases of experience, and who represent a wide spectrum of companies across a broad range of industries, geographies, and sizes. Disruptive development through an integrated set of diverse experiences and perspectives is the elixir that makes CHROME™ unique. CHROME™ is the multiplier effect that enables already-successful HR leaders to achieve and sustain CHRO readiness and ongoing relevance.

Have you been a past participant in one or more CHRO development programs designed for newly appointed or soon to be promoted CHROs such as the National Academy of Human Resources CHRO Academy, Professor Pat Wright’s Modern CHRO Program, HR50’s Next HR50 Program, the Executive Networks NextgEN HR Program, or other similar experiences? Ian Ziskin has taught in each of these programs and they are all terrific and extremely beneficial!

However, they are also, by definition and necessity, limited in their reach because they are designed with a very specific purpose in mind – to provide aspiring or new CHROs with a several day “bootcamp” on what the CHRO job is all about. These programs are often content and storytelling driven and are relevant to the specific moment in time that participants attend. But, they do not provide ongoing advice, development, and other resources to support HR leaders as they go through the preparation, onboarding, and ramp-up phases of growth into the CHRO role.

CHROME™ picks up where these other outstanding CHRO development programs leave off and builds on the longer-term interests and needs of highly successful and aspiring CHROs. It is a supplement to, not a substitute for, other senior HR development programs – and it is a highly cohesive way to ensure readiness as a new or soon-to-be CHRO.

By the way, if you have not been a past participant in any CHRO development programs, no worries. CHROME™ will help you quickly get up to speed!

Join CHROME™ and participate in the following unparalleled services that combine to deliver substantial value and game-changing CHRO development:

  • “2 for 1” status, which enables you to invite 1 external or internal colleague to attend each virtual and in-person session, thereby immediately multiplying the value of your membership
  • A 3 month 1on1 virtual coaching engagement with Lacey Leone McLaughlin or Ian Ziskin, or our network of highly-qualified coaches (may be extended at additional cost)
  • 2 group virtual conference calls per year to share successes and challenges with peers, and to connect with thought leaders and experienced CHROs – utilizing a highly interactive digital platform
  • 1 dinner and a day in-person meeting per year to build deeper relationships and address shared issues through a co-created agenda with CHROME founders and your peers
  • AdvisorQwik™ access to our advisory team of experienced CHROs, academic thought leaders, and consultants via telephone, email, or our digital platform for up to 2 hours every 6 months
  • Unlimited email and digital platform access for advice, input, and answers to questions on real-time issues in real-time from the CHROME™ co-founders and your peers
  • Priority discounted access to Business inSITE Group (BiG) leadership development programs for yourself and other operating and HR leaders in your company
  • Free access to a full complement of advice, content and tools to reimagine, redesign, and revolutionize HR – to ensure you and your HR team remain relevant to the future of work
Email Lacey for Additional information or to become a CHROME™ member

Over the last 15 plus years, Lacey Leone McLaughlin has developed and coached HR leaders at all levels across all industries including aerospace, automotive, entertainment, retail, and technology. Lacey spent over nine years as the Director of Executive Education at USC’s Center for Effective Organizations (CEO) in the Marshall School of Business. Her role focused on creating and delivering cutting edge HR development and coaching programs.

Ian Ziskin has 36 years of experience as a business executive, CHRO, advisor, board member, coach, consultant, entrepreneur, speaker, and author. He has led organizations as large as 3,000 HR professionals, been a CHRO and senior HR executive for three companies, coached dozens of CHROs and emerging HR leaders (and many more operating leaders), run and taught in HR leadership development programs all over the world, and written or edited three books and dozens of articles, blogs, and book chapters on HR, leadership, and work.

Lacey and Ian have extensive experience customizing solutions to specific client needs. We would love to discuss your business, coaching, leadership development, and HR transformation challenges with you!

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