to C-DEX™ (C-Suite Diversity EXcelerator)…a transformational, 100% virtual, individual development and peer learning community of C-Suite successors!


“Accelerate the readiness of high potential women and people of color to thrive in C-Suite leadership team positions 5 years faster than traditional solutions.”

Can your leadership development, talent, and succession planning processes do that? We can.

C-DEX™ is the most transformational leadership development investment we will make over the next few years. We are not interested in incremental change. Our intention is to dramatically improve diversity and inclusion in the C-Suite. If you are with us, please read on…


We use an integrated, fexible, customized engagement framework for each participating leader.

Step 1 is to create a trust-based learning and development environment for participants that puts psychological safety and radical transparency at the core of everything we do.

Step 2 is our proprietary process, which focuses on developing the mindshifts, skillshifts, and sponsorshifts required to think, perform, and network like a successful C-Suite leader.

Step 3 is a candid 1on1 intake and customized development approach which gets to the heart of what each participant wants and needs out of C-DEX™, to best position them for success as a C-Suite leader.

The C-DEX™ Process goes well beyond the conventional boundaries of coaching engagements or leadership development programs. It is an innovative and unique combination of 10 powerful components:

① Personal Leadership Profile (PLP)

Help participants articulate what they want to be known for as leaders.

② Key Constituent Interviews

Gather feedback on participant strengths, development needs, and how they “show up” to others (intentionally and unintentionally), and capture advice crucial to closing development gaps and accelerating leader readiness for a C-Suite role.

③ Hogan Assessment

Calibrate leadership and learning styles relative to other successful leaders and identify gap-closure requirements.

④ Feedback and Recommendations Report

Prioritize development actions that further accelerate C-Suite role readiness and ensure others “experience” participants in ways that enhance their perceived value.

⑤ Action Plan for Accelerated Development

Focus on key commitments, constituents, and next steps required to achieve and succeed in a C-Suite position.

⑥ C-SWOT Risk Analysis

Identify and address organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that may influence a participant’s likelihood of becoming a successful C-Suite leader.

⑦ Personal Board of Advisors

Support identification and selection of advisors who will provide ongoing practical real-time advice, mentoring, and sponsorship on organizational and career dynamics, ways to expand the participant’s external network, as well as on how to overcome barriers to achieving a C-Suite role.

⑧ Monthly 1 Hour Virtual 1on1 Coaching

Develop the agility, capability, confidence, resilience, savvy, and self-awareness required of a C-Suite leader.

⑨ Successor Readiness Review (S3R)

Close out the 12 month engagement with a meeting that includes the participant, their boss, company CHRO and head of DEI, as well as our Co-Founders to ensure alignment on the participant’s readiness and ability to assume a C-Suite leadership team role, and to agree on a strategy to provide the participant with appropriate exposure to the company’s Board of Directors in advance of being named to a C-Suite role.

⑩ Quarterly 2 Hour Virtual Peer Hot Topic, Learning, and Alumni Network

Process learnings, share challenges and successes, exchange best practices, discuss C-Suite leadership content, and build a safe and supportive peer networking community. Network meetings will combine peer coaching discussions with hard-hitting learning on success-differentiating topics such as:

  • Everyone’s Watching
  • It’s Lonely at the Top
  • Make One Mistake and You’re Done
  • How They See Me
  • Board Dynamics
  • CEO and Leadership Team Dynamics
  • Presentation and Media Savvy
  • And Others

In addition to the above key ingredients for success, participants will also be provided coaching and referral resources to assist them in identifying opportunities to join an external Board of Directors, do speaking engagements and media interviews, and engage in other development opportunities to enhance their leadership credibility and brand.

Allow us 1 year to work with the participating C-DEX™ leader, and we can save your organization several years in getting them ready to assume a C-Suite role.

Program Costs and Our Commitment

The fee is $80,000 per participant, plus expenses. Fees are invoiced in two payments of 80% up front and 20% at the conclusion of the 1 year engagement.

Please note our satisfaction guarantee…if you or your participating leader are not fully satisfied with the C-DEX™ experience, don’t pay us the final 20%. We have total confidence in our approach, and want you to as well.

How much is it costing your business – in lost credibility with customers, employees, and investors – NOT to have a more diverse C-Suite leadership team?

Your Next Steps

Please contact our C-DEX™ program director and consultant, Martina Stone McGaw at martina@businessinsitegroup.com, to register one or more of your C-Suite successors (women and people of color will be given priority), or to schedule an exploratory discussion with our Co-Founders. We look forward to welcoming you and your leaders to the C-DEX™ community!

Our Co-Founders

C-DEX™ is led by a highly diverse team of Co-Founders who bring over 100 years of combined senior leadership and development experience, along with a personal perspective on the unique leadership and career challenges facing women and people of color.

Lisa Brooks Greaux
Lisa Brooks Greaux
Lisa Brooks Greaux is principal and founder of SYNC Worldwide. With over 25 years of business development, strategy, and executive development experience spanning multiple industries from financial services, life sciences and technology.

As a business strategist and executive coach, Lisa is committed to helping leaders achieve their potential, while leveraging their unique strengths. She has an enviable track record of success by deploying targeted assessments and incorporating both performance and behavior coaching.

Lisa has held senior leadership roles at Pfizer, Zoetis, Delphi, JP Morgan Chase and Verizon where she was responsible for creating and executing strategies to develop Senior and Enterprise level leaders. Lisa’s doctoral research was on the development experiences that led women and Black women to senior leader roles in Fortune 500 companies.

Rebecca Feder
Rebecca Feder
Has coached hundreds of executives and teams to understand how motivation and different management styles can positively impact performance to accelerate effectiveness. Prior to launching her coaching and consulting practice, Princeton HR Insight, Rebecca led HR for a $3.5B portfolio of global product businesses at Tyco International, and held senior talent management and HR business partner roles at Bristol Myers Squibb. She spent her early career gaining experience as a People Leader in supply chain management, business development, and management consulting.
Lacey Leone McLaughlin
Lacey Leone McLaughlin
President of LLM Consulting Group and Co-founder of Business inSITE Group (BiG), has nearly 20 years of experience developing and coaching leaders at all levels across all industries. Lacey’s experience includes two years as Co-founder and CEO of a tech start-up following nine years leading Executive Education at USC’s Center for Effective Organizations. Lacey spends much of her time working with women and people of color as an Executive Coach and she partners with companies on talent management, performance management, leadership development and diversity and inclusion. Her experience focuses on helping leaders deliver business results by focusing on clearly identified personal and organizational goals.
Ian Ziskin
Ian Ziskin
President of EXec EXcel Group LLC and Co-founder of Business inSITE Group (BiG), has nearly 40 years of experience as a board member, CHRO, advisor, coach, consultant, entrepreneur, speaker, and author. He has led organizations as large as 3,000 professionals, been a CHRO or senior leader at Northrop Grumman, Qwest Communications, and TRW, coached hundreds of senior leaders (well over 50% women and people of color), run leadership development programs all over the world, and written or edited three books and many articles, blogs, and book chapters on leadership and work.