Brian Gorman

As a change management practitioner and executive coach, Brian has guided individuals and their organizations successfully through transformational change for more than three decades. He is a frequent author, speaker and workshop facilitator on the change journey.

For more than four decades I have been engaged in—and a student of—change at the personal, organizational, and societal levels. Among the many things that I have learned three facts stand out.

Change happens; it is happening at an accelerating rate; and it is becoming increasingly complex. There is no antidote to change. Even if you try to isolate yourself from changes that are uncomfortable, you are subject to change as things around you move further and further away from your status quo.

All change is personal. Whether it is strictly a personal change, an organizationally-driven change, or social change…every change that touches your life in any way is personal. The choice you have is whether to allow yourself to be managed by the change—perhaps even to be victimized by it—or whether you are going to take control of your response.

Every change is different, and all change is the same. As different as changes appear to be, underneath them there is a consistent set of patterns. Knowing these universal patterns of how people respond to change won’t make you immune to the impact of change; however, it will increase the likelihood of successfully navigating it.

I am committed to passing my “lessons learned” on to others, so that their change journeys can advance more smoothly. I do so through coaching, workshops, blogging, speaking, mentoring, and consulting.

I follow the code of ethics of the International Coach Federation, where I received my coaching certification.

Transforming Lives