BoasBernadette Boas

Simply known as a ‘ball of fire’, Bernadette Boas is a Transformational Leader, Executive Coach, Strategy Consultant, Author and Radio Host. Bernadette is the CEO and founder of Ball of Fire Inc. which is comprised of her two passion businesses; Ball of Fire Consulting, a business management and leadership growth company, and Ball of Fire Media, an entertainment production company,

Bernadette brings her twenty-five-year corporate savviness with her entrepreneurial spirit into transforming the lives of teams and individuals around the globe through her powerful coaching, consulting, seminars, speeches, and scriptwriting.

With what she called her ‘pink slip to freedom’, Bernadette authored her first in a series of books, Shedding the Corporate Bitch, Shifting from Bitch to Rich in Life and Business. She has since adapted her story into a film and television screenplay, along with her successful radio/podcast program, Shed the Bitch Radio.

Bernadette has called Atlanta, Georgia her home for over twenty years, and is often seen around town with her four-legged best friend Coco.

Areas of Expertise and Work Focus:

Executive Coaching – partner with highly productive but struggling professionals, and high potential growth oriented leaders to optimize the true leader within.

Organization Development Consulting – addressing the challenges of team structure, professional development and long-term retention.

Strategy and Business Consulting – partner with business leaders to define, shepherd, and realize business to growth.

Contact Info:
Atlanta, Georgia
Work Geography – Global