Adena PhilipsAdena Philips is an organizational change catalyzer. From consulting and advising Fortune 100 companies (most recently Gap Inc., and Pfizer) to innovative start-ups, government agencies, and non-for profits, Adena has 15+ years of experience leading change and supporting organizations undergoing large-scale growth or transformation. With expertise in Leadership and Culture, Innovation, Change Management, and Future of Work, Adena is passionate about asking big questions, connecting people and organizations to their purpose, and implementing strategies, processes, and policies that guide and support sustainable growth.

Prior to founding Adena Philips Consulting, Adena worked in the strategy and operations group at Deloitte Consulting. She is a noted lecturer, public speaker, and holds a BA in Philosophy and Communications from York University (graduating summa cum laude), and an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business (with specializations in Global Business, Strategy, and Leadership & Change).

Today, Adena is consulting and advising dozens of organizations, and is the lead consultant for GAP Inc on Future of Work.